Various councils, assemblies, and prominent individuals have endorsed Tito and provided their testimony as to why they support Tito for State Warden. If you wish to add an endorsement there are directions on our Support Us page. 

Valladolid Council #70 

Fausto (Tito) Cabrera DD accepting his nomination for State Warden 

Tito’s home council has put forth Tito’s candidacy for State Warden and they enthusiastically support him. 

“Tito Cabrera is an exemplar of what it means to be a Knight of Columbus today. When Tito was Grand Knight of our council he led us in improving our programs, increasing our membership, and inspiring others. Now that I am Grand Knight I always turn to Tito when I need advice as he is dedicated to helping me succeed and I know he wants each council in our great State to thrive. “

     —  GK Matthew Harrington