On May 4th 2021, I accepted my council’s nomination for State Warden. I desire to serve you as State Warden, because I believe I can make a difference for the Knights in our State. The ideals of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity drive me to bring other men into our Order so that they may grow closer to Christ as our brothers. 

Learn more about me and my campaign for State Warden on the following pages. 

Welcome Letter


My name is Fausto (Tito) H. Cabrera Jr. I am a first generation american born son of Guatemalan immigrants. I am proud to be a citizen and am exceedingly happy that my parents chose to leave their home country to raise their children in the states. I was born in Salt Lake City Utah, but my parents moved from Utah because they were pressured to become mormon. They decided to move to Lynn Massachusetts with my uncle where they would be able to practice their Catholic faith. I was only two years old and my brothers were only 6, 8 and 13 when my family moved.

Today I am thankful for the difficult decision they made to immigrant to the United States and then move to the great state of Massachusetts. My father worked as a machine operator while my mother worked as a janitor at the Mason shoe factories of Lynn. When the factories burned down, my father found work at a local machine shop and my mother worked as a cleaner at another local factory. While they both worked hard to provide for their family, they worked even harder to raise my siblings and me.

Being a first generation American has affected my life upto today. As a Knight of Columbus, I see Blessed Father McGivney’s vision of providing a support structure to keep the family together as a vital and important mission. I am very thankful that my family did not suffer the loss of my father. Without him, my family would not have survived because we lacked the support benefits that the Knights provides to their members. I am very grateful to have joined our Order and to have learned the importance of looking after one’s family not only while alive, but also providing for them after death. The Knights of Columbus have strengthened my faith, made me a better father, and have shown me how to be a better brother to all.

I always share my love for the Knights with each man that I meet, and I invite them to join our brotherhood. When I serve my parish community as a lector, I always represent the Knights of Columbus to help draw men to our Order. As I teach as a Catechist, I always draw on my faith which the Knights strengthened in me.

I desire to be your State Warden to help give back to my fellow Knights, my order, and the entire state what the Knights of Columbus have already done for me. I would love to put my experience, passion, and conviction at the service of our Order at the state level. I want to help encourage all the Knights of Massachusetts to bring more men to our order both in existing councils, and to continue my work of helping establish cultural councils and reactivate councils that are currently inactive. I would work tirelessly to express the importance of Blessed Father McGivney’s vision for all Catholics.

My hispanic heritage is an asset that I desire to share in order to grow the Knights throughout the state. As Knights we know and love what Blessed Father McGivney established. As a son of two immigrants, I know that I speak from experience about the importance of the Knights of Columbus in the modern world. We are united as brothers working for the good of others. We work hard to provide for the needy. We defend life at all stages. We defend Holy Mother Church while supporting our priests and bishops. We are proud of our patriotism.

I hope to have the wonderful honor to be your State Warden and serve the Knights through the important work that this office demands of its holder.

Vivat Jesus!

Fausto (Tito) H. Cabrera Jr.
State Warden Candidate

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